Lament - An Easter Vigil Hymn

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[Entombment by Gerard Trottier; Stations of the Cross, St. Basil’s Church, Ottawa (used with permission of Denise Trottier)]


LAMENT (an Easter Vigil hymn) 

Those who are closest to Jesus grieve over their loss after laying him in the tomb. They do not know that his Resurrection is close at hand.


Where is he, oh where has Jesus gone –

Teacher, healer, brother, son;

Short days ago, his praises were sung.

Short hours ago, we laid him down!

What did he do that he was undone –

Teacher, healer, brother, son.



Thomas is lost. Where now can he turn

For guidance that inspires him, for words strong and pure?

“I had my doubts, yet I felt so sure

At some other time he’d explain some more.

Now what’s the good of all that he said –

It doesn’t prove a thing, now that he’s dead.”


Mary Magdalen once more stands apart;

She’s known too much in her broken heart:

“My hair touched his feet – his eyes touched my soul;

He saw me shattered and he made me whole!

Women like me don’t escape our past;

I’m frightened – without Jesus, my healing won’t last.”


Peter is the Rock, but now a rock of shame,

The rock that crumbled when they called his name:

“These last few days, I should have been strong;

He trusted me, but I let him down!

Call me, forgive me in my shame,

And be my brother once again.”


Mary sobs a heartbroken cry,

The cry of any mother who must see her child die:

“The Angel of God said ‘Blessed’ am I,

But this – it’s come to this, and I don’t know why!

They hung you here on a cross to die;

My darling boy, my child … good-bye.”


© Robert Czerny, Ottawa, 2017


This link http://www.stbasilsparish.ca/news  will take you to some background information and a recording of the hymn.

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Robert E. Czerny is Board Chair, Ethics Practitioners Association of Canada www.epac-apec.ca, Principal, Agora Management Associates www.agora-management.ca, and a Credentialed Evaluator (C.E.), Canadian Evaluation Society.

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Eileen de neeve on April 15, 2017 - 5:32 PM

A. Different celebration of Holy Week so far includes the tenebrae readings for Holy Wednesday of the Lamentations of Jeremiah(Couperin) by Montreal's les idees heureuses foreshadowing the solitude of JESUS IN HIS PASSION. And followed today by Bob Czerny's poem, which I could listen to. I am very grateful. Tomorrow, Ascension parish Eucharist with choir, organ and trumpets. Happy Easter

Peter Bisson on April 17, 2017 - 7:38 PM

Thank you Bob.